Little Longer

My Memories like vinyl albums, the greatest hits of my life

Preserving those I dont need, tucked away; so carefully preserved

I wreck the ones I play; that mean the most,

Like an Infectious energy- reminding us of our highest highs and lowest lows

Its in the records skip, the silence between  the songs that holds us

She lives there, inside of me

Caged and unconcerned

Patched with promises

Scratched. Worn.

My thoughts- actions given to me by my mind

My Feelings- actions given to me by my body

I demand of you, please make me feel your memory

This time, I wont forget what you felt like

Visiting this place so many times,

Numb to the craving images of you

Those that haven’t been born into thought yet

Holding my arms, SleeveLess stretched out before you

So you can see the razors scars, dulling of faded blades

Begging you to tattoo what tomorrow will look like on my skin

Now and today

Show me the way I am alive inside of you

What will you make me remember?

What will make me remember you?

This place in future play; somewhere in “the later”

Sharing time

And being here

Just  “yours”  for just a little longer

Published by J.J.Celli

JJCelli has been expressing herself through writing most her life. She holds two BA degrees and a MA degree in Forensic Psychology. Celli enjoys challenging herself intellectually and physically and lives a life of health and fitness. Celli is a survivor of childhood trauma as well as a survivor of intimate partner violence/gun violence. After recovering she became an advocate and speaker on intimate partner violence in the LGBTQ+ community. JJCelli is working on developing her forthcoming book of poetry titled "Love Letters and Pocket Knives" to be released soon.

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