Not Just US

She wasn’t home to me,

Not that place of safety and security

Or of warmth and nurture

She was complete chaos


Confusion and disorder

But I still wanted to be unpredictable with her

Be her “never enough”

Her “not right now”

Her ”not just us”

To be in the unknown with her,

 Was still more satisfying;

 Then being everything definable

To someone else

Published by J.J.Celli

JJCelli has been expressing herself through writing most her life. She holds two BA degrees and a MA degree in Forensic Psychology. Celli enjoys challenging herself intellectually and physically and lives a life of health and fitness. Celli is a survivor of childhood trauma as well as a survivor of intimate partner violence/gun violence. After recovering she became an advocate and speaker on intimate partner violence in the LGBTQ+ community. JJCelli is working on developing her forthcoming book of poetry titled "Love Letters and Pocket Knives" to be released soon.

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