Kneeling naked before you….and I wonder have I lost my fucking mind.

Giving you every little part you begged of me.

In hesitation I couldn’t.

But I did.

Refused to explore, not you.. or her….Myself. This way.

Accused most of the time

Everything in she, that made her me.

Wishing to forget the taste you left on my lips.

But, damn…I wore you well.

Smearing as I wipe the linger(ance) of your taste from my mouth with my sleeve.

Many  seconds before falling in love with you again.

Restless and Roaming

Running and ……

Even in your storm, I seek no shelter from you. Terms and conditions, there’s nowhere to hide.

Your eyes, your glare, piercing.

My precious fox. She hunts. 

On top of the world, I watch while riding her.  

Keeping you so alive, you’ve trained me well.

Pleading for this love. No secrets to keep, silence in far existence.

With each moan as deep as the coyotes cry, I give her every little part she begged of me.

Keeping inside the need of heart and home, that I have of you. 

Something that contradicts the both of us      

Published by J.J.Celli

JJCelli has been expressing herself through writing most her life. She holds two BA degrees and a MA degree in Forensic Psychology. Celli enjoys challenging herself intellectually and physically and lives a life of health and fitness. Celli is a survivor of childhood trauma as well as a survivor of intimate partner violence/gun violence. After recovering she became an advocate and speaker on intimate partner violence in the LGBTQ+ community. JJCelli is working on developing her forthcoming book of poetry titled "Love Letters and Pocket Knives" to be released soon.

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