We Part

Seeing her so clearly in the eyes of your mind that you felt you could reach out and touch her at any given moment.

Leaning back against the wall…..inhaling the trapped aroma of cedar, sweet patchouli and sandalwood, Allowing the  incense sticks to perform acupuncture to senses,

Awakening all of you, all at once.

How easily she made me remember what I it was I spent so long trying to forget

Like the efforts I put into sealing myself off entirely. Filling all the broken pieces and the cracks.

With one stare, I could feel mortar crack,

Like bare and exposed brick, letting light beam through every broken piece.

This time I was willing to be split, spread apart and ready for full exposure.

Boundless by the trickery of self-satisfaction,

 Unable to no longer stay naive to what may weaken my personal growth,

I was in fact untamed, and wild….. but you saddled that hostile territory

Secretly packaging up the collectiveness I left for your soul. Untainted, unbruised

Watching you as you hold your breath to kiss me,

Afraid some way I would slither my way down your throat and into your heart

Exhaling myself into you

Gracefully we part, the last time.

Knowing I lost her somewhere where between the home- grown windowsill herbs and the recent pressed coffee beans still left in the French Press.

But to hold me and to touch me is to take us to two very different places.

To touch me is easy and requires I do little … but to hold me, now that’s something.

To stop this furious whirlwind, to make her vulnerable and calm; nothing needn’t be said..

Its spoke in silence all over that mental dance; when you close your eyes, you feel our bodies romanticizing like children all over one another’s soul.

Published by J.J.Celli

JJCelli has been expressing herself through writing most her life. She holds two BA degrees and a MA degree in Forensic Psychology. Celli enjoys challenging herself intellectually and physically and lives a life of health and fitness. Celli is a survivor of childhood trauma as well as a survivor of intimate partner violence/gun violence. After recovering she became an advocate and speaker on intimate partner violence in the LGBTQ+ community. JJCelli is working on developing her forthcoming book of poetry titled "Love Letters and Pocket Knives" to be released soon.

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